Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The price for Traducción Culinaria's specialized Spanish to English translation service for: reviews, interviews, websites, cooking manuals, articles and cooking courses is €0.12/word*.

For urgent projects of more than 1,500 words per day, a 25% surcharge will be applied. In addition, projects requested on weekends (after 5:00 pm on Friday) or on holidays will have a 25% surcharge.

Prices for menus:

  • 5 dish dinner menu: €30 *
  • A menu containing up to 15 dishes without descriptions: €80 *
  • A menu containing up to 15 dishes with descriptions: €100 *

Recipe Prices:

  • Less than 200 words: €50 *
  • Between 200 and 400 words: €60 *
  • Between 400 and 600 words: €70 *
  • More than 600 words, up to a maximum of 750 words: €90 *

* VAT not included

How do I send my translation?

How the material is sent depends on the document type. In general, for publications, a Word document containing the text to be translated is preferable. This way we can calculate the exact number of words. For documents which need specific formatting such as menus, it is also helpful to receive the document as it will be printed in order to keep the format intact as much as possible.

Why should I pay for a translation service if I can use Google Translate?

We absolutely understand the value machine translation can provide people. Machine translation has improved significantly in recent years and will continue to improve in the future. However, machines are not capable of reproducing the context and nuances necessary to transmit a message to a foreign audience.

The subtlety of gastronomy has a direct impact on the vocabulary used to talk about it, often terms which evoke shapes, flavors, sounds as well as specific geographic terms are used. These characteristics not only require the use of a dictionary, they also require one to know whether these terms can be translated, whether they must be explained or whether a simile must be used to communicate the idea to the reader who is lacking context.

How long does it take?

The length of time it takes to complete the project depends on the volume of words, the type of document and whether post-translation formatting is required. By way of reference, translation of a 2,000 word news article requires between 48 and 72 hours. As for glossaries, recipes or menus, the number of words is not as relevant as the content.

How are untranslatable words translated?

It is quite common to come across invented words on a menu. In such cases, we talk to the author of the text in order to clarify the terms if it is not immediately obvious. A common strategy in such cases is to use the original word accompanied by a description. This enables proper names to be maintained while clarifying the creation process and the term's origin.

How will I receive my translation?

How the completed project is delivered always depends on how it was originally sent and each client's needs. In the majority of cases, a Word document is sent with the corresponding translation. In the case of menus and documents which require formatting, the formatted project can also be sent in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator. Formatting is entirely optional and is always billed separately from the translation.