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Famous chefs such as Ferrán Adriá, Martín Berasategui, the Roca family and Juan Mari and Elena Arzak have generated increased interest in Spanish cuisine both nationally and internationally. Without a doubt, names such as these create expectations, controversy and headlines.

The English-speaking pubic and, in particular the US public, has always shown great interest in gastronomy. Large newspapers such as The New York Times dedicate entire weekly sections to food and television stations are full of shows dedicated to food of all types.

The English-speaking pubic and, in particular the US public, has always shown great interest in gastronomy.

Simply bearing in mind the attention paid to the Spanish food scene on a global level, it is clear that any interview with a local chef or restaurateur is likely to be of significant interest internationally and the first step to publicize it, is to translate your interview into English. This is true whether you are the author, the restaurant owner or the chef. This translation, in addition to being faithful to the original text, must provide context to international readers who lack it.

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Translation of Restaurant Reviews

Translation of Restaurant Reviews

Since the end of the 90s, Spanish cuisine has undergone a revolution, which has elevated it to the highest echelons. We are no longer limited to smoke-filled bars with the same draft beer, stale tapas and a less than ideal hygiene. The revolution brought new establishments and new concepts

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Source: Carmen Orús | A Fuego Lento


Entrevista a Carme Ruscalleda | Cocineros

Carme Ruscalleda: A partir de ahora, quien no haga las cosas con honestidad se quedará en la cuneta

Viernes, 23 de Diciembre de 2011

Ni su inquietud ni su curiosidad insaciable le han permitido descubrir el ‘dolce far niente’. Si Carme Ruscalleda está de vacaciones, trabaja, lo mismo que cuando tiene un momento libre. Su creatividad la impulsa a experimentar también fuera de los fogones, dibuja, pinta y escribe, pero por y para el mundo de la cocina, sin apartarse un ápice de una profesión de la que está tan enamorada como el primer día. A las tres estrellas del restaurante Sant Pau de Sant Pol de Mar, suma dos de su homónimo en Tokio y, pese a su corta edad, su restaurante Moments de Barcelona ya ha conseguido otra más.

(Carmen Orús) La cocina española ha alcanzado la cima de la mano de los chefs de vanguardia. ¿Cuál sería el siguiente paso para lograr que se la considerara globalmente buena, como sucede con la francesa, o que fuera tan internacional como la italiana?

Hace falta que los profesionales de todas las franjas quieran a la cocina, a su trabajo, como lo hacen los staff de los restaurantes de gama alta. No se pueden hacer las cosas porque sí. La búsqueda de la perfección debería extenderse a todos los establecimientos por sencillos que sean.


Interview with Carme Ruscalleda | Cooks

Carme Ruscalleda: From now on those who don't do things honestly will be cast aside

Friday, 23 December 2011

Her restlessness and her insatiable curiosity have prevented her from discovering "dolce far niente". If Carme Ruscalleda is on vacation, she works, just like she does when she has a spare moment. Her creativity also pushes her to experiment when her apron is off. She draws, paints and writes, but for and about the food world, without straying an inch from the profession which she is as in love with as on her first day. To the three stars of her restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, her Tokyo restaurant of the same name adds two more and, despite its newness, her restaurant Moments in Barcelona has already received another.

Spanish cuisine has reached a pinnacle at the hands of avant garde chefs. What would be the next step in order for it to be considered good worldwide, as is the case with French cuisine or for it to be as international as Italian cuisine?

Professionals at all levels must love cooking and their work like the staff of high-end restaurants do. Things can't be done just because. Perfection must be sought in all establishments, as modest as they may be.

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