Hotel Ritz - Madrid

Hotel Ritz -  MadridWith more than a century of service and experience, the Hotel Ritz Madrid is one of the most emblematic luxury hotels in the Spanish capital. Since the hotel's inception at the beginning of the 20th century, the Hotel Ritz has welcomed many historic figures including Ernest Hemingway and Princess Grace and Prince Rainier of Monaco, as well as stars such as Ava Gardner, Michelle Pfeiffer, Madonna and Duran Duran.

The Hotel Ritz has several dining options, among which is the Goya Restaurant, perhaps the most remarkable. In this beautiful restaurant with its spectacular ambiance, Chef Jorge González combines classic Spanish dishes with unique modern creations, creating a magnificent gastronomic mise en scène.

Every year the Ritz offers an exquisite selection of dishes for its Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Twelfth Night prix fixe menus. Traducción Culinaria was entrusted with translating the menus for what will likely be three of the most important dinners of the year. Following a conversation with the Hotel's Executive Chef, Jorge González, we translated the three menus, taking great care to maintain the sophistication reflected in the original text.

Hotel Cala d'Or

Hotel Cala d'OrIn the summer of 2015, the manager of Hotel Cala d'Or in Majorca contacted Traducción Culinaria in order to improve 15 English menus comprising the hotel's culinary offering. This beautiful hotel is located in a spectacular spot on the beaches of Santanyí on the island of Majorca. Hotel Cala d'Or receives hundreds of foreign tourists each year and the written presentation of its culinary offering must be on par with the services it offers.

The project consisted of reviewing the existing English menus and developing them to make them more attractive and more easily understood for the hotel's English-speaking guests. The first step was to identify numerous problems with the vocabulary being used and the second was to conduct a telephone interview with the hotel's chef. In the interview information was gathered regarding all of the details regarding the preparation, cooking and presentation of the more than 90 dishes available to guests. Once this information was obtained, each menu was rewritten, making them more attractive and easier to understand for English-speaking guests. The menus included detailed explanations of typical Majorcan dishes, as well as products and ingredients from the island.

Hotel Cala d'Or's appreciation for and dedication to the written presentation of its culinary offering is a testament to its excellent customer service.

Asociación de Amigos de la
Real Academia de Gastronomía

Asociación de Amigos de la<br>Real Academia de GastronomíaThe Asociación de Amigos de la Real Academia de Gastronomía is a private, non-profit cultural association whose main goal is to support the Real Academia de Gastronomía's goal of promoting and spreading awareness about Spanish gastronomy.

The collaboration with the Asociación de Amigos de la Real Academia de Gastronomía began in the Spring of 2015 and involved the translation of news items and articles demonstrating the constant evolution of Spanish gastronomy: from gastronomy awards to the export of Spanish products, new restaurants, interviews with chefs and nutrition.

It is a real privilege to collaborate with the Asociación de Amigos de la Real Academia de Gastronomía and do my small part disseminating Spanish gastronomical culture.


RouxbeRouxbe is a Canadian online cooking school founded in 2005. It is primarily dedicated to providing culinary training to schools, restaurants and to the general public and since it was created, it has done this in more than 175 countries.

Rouxbe contacted Traducción Culinaria at the beginning of 2015. Rouxbe needed its beginner-level courses on cooking fundamentals translated as part of a project to train the kitchen staff of one of the largest hotel chains with a presence in Latin America.

The work done for Rouxbe was one of the most gratifying translation experiences I have ever had. They are fantastic people and the quality of the content they produce is a testament to their knowledge, professionalism and creativity. All of the videos they produce (whether on knife skills, sauce preparation, plating or elaborate recipes) undergo elaborate audiovisual production and contain clear, direct and simple instructions.

Rouxbe also has an excellent self-assessment system to monitor students' progress, study material, as well as a forum for those times when beginner chefs need help. If you want to progress in your path towards better techniques and more elaborate dishes, I wholeheartedly recommend Rouxbe's online cooking school.

Empresas Polar

In 2014 Empresas Polar, (Venezuela's second largest company, behind Petróleos de Venezuela) contacted Traducción Culinaria to translate nearly 300 recipes. I was assigned the project after passing the selection process during which various translation agencies and professional translators were contacted.

Empresas PolarThe main goal of translating the recipes was to promote one of the company's star products, P.A.N. pre-cooked cornmeal in the US market. It is a very versatile product. You can make a large variety of typical Latin American and African dishes with this ingredient: tamales, cakes, pies, quesadillas, empanadas, etc.

Harina PANThe project involved not only the translation of recipes but also the adaptation of each of the measurements used in them. Due to the client's deadline, translating the recipes was not an option. Instead it was decided that I would prepare a style guide including all of the aspects a non-specialized translator needed to keep in mind when translating a recipe: units to be converted, expression of ingredients with different measurement methods, terminological homogenization, etc. In addition, I extracted more than 1,700 culinary terms found in the recipes and with this material created a glossary which would serve as a starting point for homogenizing the translations.

The collaboration with Empresas Polar continued with the translation of a section of a book on the history of corn and the translation of a glossary on the same subject. This project represented a professional challenge of which I am particularly proud.

Up Publicidad Creativa

Up Publicidad CreativaUp Publicidad Creativa is an advertising agency specializing in marketing for hotels and restaurants. Its clients include restaurants, producers and hotels located along the Costa del Sol.

For Valentine’s Day I translated a special tasting menu created by a well-known restaurant in Malaga for its guests.