Recipes are
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Translation of Recipes

A good recipe ensures success and is a treasure which should be shared with the world. Whether it's a family recipe passed down through the generations or the latest creation from your cooking laboratory, translating your recipes professionally will expand your possibilities when it comes to disseminating and distributing this material.

Spain and its gastronomy have become synonymous with quality and innovation worldwide.

The market for cookbooks and cooking manuals of all types in the US and the UK (as well as the rest of the English-speaking world) is enormous. The US in particular has a long tradition of television series hosted by famous chefs and chefs who were launched to fame as a result of their shows. This market is particularly fond of European cooking and thanks to the talent of Spanish chefs and success of our restaurants, Spain and its cuisine have become synonymous worldwide with quality and innovation.

Recipe translation has its own unique requirements. In addition to methodical translation, sometimes it's necessary to convert international system units of measurement into US customary units of measurement. Ingredients are another important aspect which must be considered. Depending on the location of the reader, it may be impossible to find certain products or brands making it necessary to provide alternatives so the reader can prepare the recipe even if they are not able to find the exact ingredients.

Sometimes recipe translations can be much more demanding, requiring even further adaptation. This is the case particularly with recipes which require the use of kitchen utensils or household appliances which are not sold or widely used in the reader's country. In these cases, the process carried out by the appliance or tool must be described so that the reader is able to recreate it.

All of these aspects are taken into account when translating a recipe and, as a result, it is a labor-intensive process which must be carried out with meticulous attention to detail and precision.

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Translation of Cooking Manuals

Translation of Cooking Manuals

Cooking manuals are complex documents which are frequently published by official organizations in various countries. The goal of these publications can vary greatly. Sometimes they seek to standardize the preparation of certain products from a country or region and other times they are

Sample Translation

Source: Recetas de rechupete


Crema suave de espárragos trigueros

Tiempo de preparación: 25 minutos


  • 2 manojos de espárragos trigueros (unos 24 espárragos)
  • 2 cebollas grandes
  • 1 puerro
  • Un poco de perejil fresco, tomillo y orégano (para darle más sabor a campo)
  • 200 ml. de nata o crema de leche
  • 300 ml de agua o caldo de ave
  • 50 ml de aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • Sal y pimienta negra recién molida (al gusto)
  • Para decorar: Unas lascas de queso parmesano, unos picatostes de pan frito y las puntas de los espárragos a la plancha

Estamos en plena temporada de espárragos verdes o trigueros, aunque podéis encontrarlos en los mercados durante todo el año ahora mismo es cuando están en su mejor momento. Yo casi siempre los preparo a la plancha o a la brasa, incluso en alguna cena caen en un revuelto con unos ajetes y un poquito de bacón. Pero esta vez me he decidido por su versión en crema, un plato casero, sano y muy sencillo, que estoy seguro os gustará.

Los espárragos trigueros son los más sabrosos de su familia, a diferencia de los blancos son más finos y alargados. Los podéis encontrar en las laderas de los caminos de manera silvestre desde finales de invierno hasta mediados de abril. Aunque si no sois muy aficionados a los paseos por el campo, en cualquier supermercado encontraréis varios tipos dependiendo de su grosor. Además de su gran sabor el espárrago tiene muy pocas calorías debido a su alta proporción de agua, y su elevado contenido en fibra aporta sensación de saciedad ayudando a reducir el apetito.

Esta crema de espárragos es una solución saludable, económica y muy apetitosa para una cena si os apetece un plato rico de cuchara. Las cremas de verduras se han convertido desde hace poco en un clásico de mis cenas fáciles y rápidas, así me voy a la cama con un plato sano y muy completo. Cualquiera de las cremas de rechupete que tenemos en el blog como la de calabaza, de grelos o la de puerros, deberían estar presentes al menos una vez en nuestro menú semanal. Son fáciles de preparar y no requieren mucho tiempo. Os invito a que al menos una vez probéis la crema que os presento hoy, una forma deliciosa de comer espárragos. Espero que os guste.


Mild cream of wild asparagus soup

Preparation time: 25 minutes


  • 2 bunches of wild asparagus (about 24 spears)
  • 2 large onions
  • 1 leek
  • Some fresh parsley, thyme and oregano (to give it an earthier taste)
  • 200 ml of cream
  • 300 ml of water or poultry broth
  • 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper (to taste)
  • For garnish: Parmesan cheese shavings, croutons and pan-fried asparagus tips

We are at the height of green asparagus and wild asparagus season. Although you can find them in the market all year long, they are at their best right now. I almost always pan fry or grill them, and sometimes for dinner I'll even add them to scrambled eggs with some green garlic and a little bacon. However, this time I opted for a cream soup version. A home-made, healthy and very simple dish that I'm sure you'll like.

Wild asparagus are the most flavorful of the asparagus family, and unlike white asparagus they're thinner and longer. You can find them growing wild on the sides of the road from the end of winter until mid-April. Although, if you aren't big fans of hiking, you can find several types of varying thickness in any supermarket. In addition to their great taste, asparagus have very few calories due to the significant amount of water they contain, and their high fiber content creates a sense of fullness which helps to reduce hunger.

This cream of asparagus soup is a healthy, inexpensive and very appetizing option for dinner if you are looking for a delicious soup or stew. Cream of vegetable soups have recently become one of my standard dishes for easy and fast dinners, that way I go to bed having eaten a healthy and well-rounded dish. Any of the scrumptious cream soups we have on the blog such as the cream of pumpkin soup, cream of turnip soup or cream of leek soup, should make an appearance at least once in our weekly menu. They are easy to prepare and don't require much time. I encourage you to try this cream soup I'm showing you today at least once. It's a delicious way to eat asparagus. I hope you like it.

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